Plan your move

Before the move

Obtain a quotation for your move by using our online quotation form or calling our office to make an appointment.


Making a reservation – let us know your move date as soon it is confirmed by your legal advisor. This should be your actual completion date which should be given to you no later than the day of exchange of contracts, usually anything from two weeks after the exchange date.
Telephone our office to check availability and make a reservation.
Return the acceptance from at the very earliest opportunity.
Then relax – you can rely on Storeys 100%
(Often provisional dates are mentioned prior to your move. Never assume that we have confirmed your reservation unless the above procedure is followed. Once booked we will never let you down, that’s our promise.)

The removal day

We will arrive at 8am unless otherwise arranged.

Upon the arrival of our crew the staff will introduce themselves. They will then ask to be shown around the premises with you and discuss timings etc. Loading time usually takes longer than unloading. This is due to the fact that our staff are extremely careful and will individually wrap and secure all furnishing within the vehicle before the journey to you new home.

Packaging Service

We offer a full packing service (other smaller services are available), including metal rails for clothing and all necessary suitable wrapping materials for china, glass and any other cherished possessions etc, usually carried out the day before the move.

After the move

Before we depart our staff will ask you to check all of the furniture and contents to satisfy yourself that all items are in good order. Also please satisfy yourself that all vehicles are fully emptied (this is a standard procedure). Payment is them required, if you have not already paid. Tipping is purely a discretionary matter.

When you have fully emptied and flat packed our used packing cartons we would be grateful if you could call our offices to arrange the collection thereof.


Beds must be dismantled unless otherwise agreed.
Please ensure washing machines, dishwashers etc are disconnected.
Label boxes so we know where to put them.
All boxes must have the tops and bottoms taped shut, not folded, to prevent the contents falling out.
Please ensure everything is packed and ready to go for the agreed date and time.
Put your feet up, have a drink and don’t get stressed. We’re here to help you.
If you have exchanged contracts on Friday afternoon, after the office is closed, don’t worry! Call us first thing Monday (you won’t lose any time!)
Try to avoid the last week of the month, especially Friday, which is very busy.